Men's Shiny Metallic Zentai Full Body Suit

Size information 
  Men Size 
  Men-S: For height 5'5"-5'8", weight 120 lbs-140 lbs 
  Men-M: For height 5'8"-5'10", weight 140 lbs-170 lbs 
  Men-L: For height 5'9"-6'1", weight 170 lbs-200 lbs 
  Men-XL: For height 5'9"-6'3", weight 200-230 lbs 
  Men-XXL: For height 5'10"-6'5", weight 230-260 lbs 
  • Made of shiny metallic spandex which is not transparent and not breathable. If you want to cut out eyes or face, please send email to us.
  • 3 colors to choose for both adult and kids
  • Shiny metallic bodysuit is suitable for acrobats, gymnasts, dancers, equestrian vaulters, athletes and circus performers as well as others who require overall body coverage without impeded flexibility
  • We can customize unitards for customers. Please choose any of the size and color and send your requirements to us by email